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Homotoxicology and Homeotherapeuticals

Homotoxicology is the study of the influence of homotoxins (homo = human being, toxin = poison) on the human organism. Disease is seen as the organism's biological reaction to homotoxins and its attempt to eliminate them. Homotoxicological therapy approaches the patient as a whole, attempts to detoxify physiological systems and through immunomodulation induce self-healing.

Homotoxicology was devised by Dr Reckeweg long before its time, and now patients are exposed to ever-increasing toxic environment and there are more 'toxic' related illnesses and allergies. Dr Reckeweg's approach is now more relevant then ever before and provides solutions for newly emerging syndromes, which are difficult to categories since toxic effect at matrix level obscures symptoms of known diagnostic criteria. Diagnostic criteria in Homotoxicology are expanded by factors involved in Disease evolution and treatment includes Detoxification and Immuno modulation by nanodoses of complex-antihomotoxic remedies in addition to contemporary treatment medicine balances ground regulation system with psychoneuroimmunoendocrine systems and re-establishes the tissue micro-environment.