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"The future of medicine is in integration."
Dr D Shakambet MD


"Disease is a lack of ease in everything we do, think and feel. Be a dancer in the rhythm of your life and health will find you".
Dr T Bosh MD


Drug free medical centre

Biomedic Centre

The Biomedic Centre is a clinical and educational institution for Bioregulatory Medicine. The centre was founded by Dr Damir A Shakambet, MD and Dr Tatyana Bosh, MD in 1995, with the intention to offer a new and drug-free system of preventative and regenerative healthcare.

“…the Biomedic Centre is an innovative, pioneering and visionary drug-free practice specialising in bioregulatory and environmental medicine, with a strong accent on prevention and the psychosomatic aspects of disease…”
                                                  by James P Graham - ‘A Human Biosystem’ Resurgence and Ecologist, September 2013

Clinical and Educational Facilities

Biomedic Clinic delivers a Bioregulatory Health System that helps to improve patients' health by means of facilitating their auto-regulatory mechanisms. The clinic offers preventative, regenerative and aesthetic bioregulatory treatments.

Biomedic education is carried out by registered medical charity Biomedic Foundation, which organises training in Bioregulatory Medicine in the form of postgraduate courses and short seminars for doctors, other healthcare providers and the general public, in UK and abroad. The charity runs the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine and International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, aiming to set up clinical and educational standards for Bioregulatory Medicine worldwide.

Upcoming Events

usaflag      Bioregulatory Ophthalmology; 26-27th Septmeber 2015, London, UK

usaflag      Psychosomatic Bodywork; 7-11th November 2015, London, UK

usaflag      Bioregulatory Medicine, Module Five; 21-25th October 2015, Toronto, Canada

usaflag      Bioregulatory Medicine, Module One; 25-29th October 2015, Toronto, Canada

usaflag      Bioregulatory Medicine, Module One; 27-31st January 2016, Melbourne, Australia