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Drug free medical centre

Biomedic Centre

The Biomedic Centre is a clinical and educational institution for Bioregulatory Medicine. The centre was established by Dr Damir A Shakambet and Dr Tatyana Bosh in 1994. Bioregulatory Medicine is a new system of preventive and regenerative health care that serves to improve patients' health by means of facilitating their homeostatic mechanisms.

Biomedic Clinical Facilities

The Biomedic Clinic practices Bioregulatory Health System providing regenerative, preventative and aesthetic bioregulatory treatments, each tailored to address personalised health needs.
Biomedic fee is £150 per hour. The clinic is open Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00.

Biomedic Educational Facilities

Biomedic educational facilities are carried out by registered medical charity the Biomedic Foundation which organises training in Bioregulatory Medicine for medical doctors, other health care providers and general public for the UK and abroad.
The charity runs an International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, and its affiliated societies, aiming to set up clinical and educational standards for Bioregulatory Medicine worldwide.

For more information please see educational programme below giving general annual overview of all courses with dates: