The Biomedic Clinic is a medical centre for Bioregulatory Medicine established in 1994The Clinic has been pioneering systems biology approach to medicine and over the past decades has treated thousands of patients from its founding days.

Our doctors developed the main principles of integration, and Dr. Shakambet who was a lecturer at Westminster University at its first BSc course in Integrative Medicine practiced a new integration modality of Bioregulatory Medicine.

At the same founding premises in Marylebone, London team of specialists in Bioregulatory Medicine, a drug-free Bioregulatory System of Healthcare, we provide additional possibilities in treatment, as an additional therapeutical modality, which can be combined with a conventional approach, thus increasing its effectiveness.

It provides regenerative, preventative, and aesthetic bioregulatory treatment.

Bioregulatory medical doctors will be looking into bioregulation or homeostasis and create a protocol in order to support affected physiological systems. The treatment starts with balancing basic biological systems and it is refined along the course by regulating higher systems involved, such as hormonal, immune, or psycho-emotional ones.
The treatment is therefore non-invasive and relies on the healing potential of the body, by supporting and activating homeostasis in a view of biological systems’ interrelationship.

Biomedic Clinic is run by experienced physicians additionally qualified in a variety of naturopathic medical methodologies to meet the standards of Bioregulatory Medical Doctors.

The Biomedic Foundation has further developed a bioregulatory systems approach and works alongside colleagues in conventional medicine, thus creating a bridge and utilises maximum potential by combining all advances in medicine today. The foundation has established courses on all continents and by founding national societies it synchronises the development of medicine internationally, by applying the same standards of practice, set by the founding Biomedic Society in London.

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