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bioregulatory aesthetics - biofacelift

Aesthetic Bioregulatory Medicine is a holistic methodology for skin rejuvenation which is not using Botox nor Surgical aggressive intervention on the face. It specialises in regenerating tired and aging skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, pigmentations, swellings, or inflammation.
Aesthetic bioregulation stimulates the skin’s inherent capacity to repair damaged tissue and restore its elasticity, firmness, and tonicity, which gives facial expression a healthy and radiant glow. This method removes the negative impact of metabolic and environmental stressors, prompts detoxification of the skin, and stimulates fibroblasts and cellular enzymes towards increased collagen production.


biofacelift treatment

Biofacelift is an authentic methodology developed by Biomedic centre, which offers a healthy alternative or complements to aggressive aesthetic surgical procedures and botox. Optimal therapeutic results require between 5-8 weekly sessions, with occasional boosters. Biofacelift more

Single treatment price £210.                                          Course of 5 treatments £840.

testimonials and press release

"Biofacelift opened my eyes and mind on how the body, the derm, happily and fantastically respond to this naturopathic protocol... I have been happily surprised to see results appearing within 2-3 weeks."
Dr. Isabel Martineau Bond, MD

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"While at the Biomedic Centre in central London, practitioners are offering what they refer to as the Natural Facelift, using the mixture of these techniques…Our tester says: The lines across my forehead disappeared for days and my skin looked plump."
ELLE, Nov 2009... read more

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