Patients' Testimonials

"Just a quick note to say THANK YOU again for helping Carol along her journey... Her seizures have become a lot milder. Whereas in the past we attended A&E every 5-6 weeks, now our last visit was on 17th March 2013!!! Instead of the previous 8- 9 episodes per time, now they are mostly single episodes, quickly regaining consciousness within 3-4 minutes. Occasionally, she has had 5 to 6 episodes at a time, but settles with only 1 dose of 5 mg valium, instead of 10-20mg as before.Should you want a parent to speak at any of your meetings about the success of bio-regulation in epilepsy, I would be happy to do that.”



"It was wonderful to be on the receiving end of treatment with Dr. Shakambet at the Biomedic Centre for a change. Dr. Shakambet is a medical doctor who rightly believes that allopathic (pharmacological) medicine and the concept of optimal health are mutually exclusive. He thus embarked on a journey to develop preventative health strategies to help the body and mind achieve an optimum state of health and well-being. A true holistic practitioner in every sense of the word, and through his practice of bio-regulatory medicine, Dr. Shakambet works at a vigorous pace over the body, palpating, massaging, needling, and applying moxa to physical and energetic blockages. While my liver was a little stagnant and my kidneys needed a little tonification, I was fortunately given a bill of good health and told my body was strong, healthy, and vital, and that I only needed to come occasionally for a top-up. Nonetheless, I was given a liver detox to follow and told to take some magnesium for the muscle tension in my back and shoulders. He advised that I eat more iron-rich foods like chard, artichokes, onions, parsley, parsnips, brown rice, and watercress, and also an anti-oxidant supplement to support the collagen in my skin. These are small preventative changes to my diet and lifestyle that I believe everyone can benefit from and incorporate into their lifestyle in order to optimise our health. The treatment has given me release in my mid-back that has been feeling tense for some time. I feel clear and energised yet balanced and calm. A really nice space to be. Interestingly Dr. Shakambet also practices a Biofacelift by using energetic techniques to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, pigmentation, swelling, and inflammations. By activating homeostasis, the body's natural regulatory mechanism, the Biofacelift achieves combined botox-like and surgical facelift like effects in a safe and non-invasive way. The treatment combines acupuncture, mesotherapy, massage of the facial musculo-connective tissue, and lymphatic drainage"

Kristy Cimesa


"Hi! I just wanted to say that I'm very thankful to have you in my life. You are an amazing person. And one of the very very very few people I fully trust. Just wanted you to know that"



"Thank you so much for the session on Wednesday. I feel as if my body has received a new battery and I am recharged. Remarkable!
You really have great skills and expertise.
Thank you again!!!"



"I hope all is well with you and the practice goes from strength to strength. I feel very grateful to you for helping get me well enough to start on my marriage and motherhood journey. Also for some very wise words that helped me manage the early days and challenges of my relationship..."
Very best wishes



"I just wanted to say thank you so much for today- you helped and inspired me so much! It was amazing support at the right time :)
God bless you!"



"I am always so amazed at how incredible you make our sessions. Not only do you manage to get to the places in my body which have to give up "something" but you also get to other places which help me formulate what I need to do and how I need to do it. I consider myself so "looked after" by the Universe who sends you to me as a healer, teacher, and mentor - how lucky am I?! You always give me so much to process and 'food for thought'. The words of wisdom you share with me and the inexplicable way you have of just 'hitting the spot' mentally - I am not sure how to put it into words, all I can say is that I left your company with a less aching body, a lighter step, and enthusiasm for all the tasks I am undertaking. Thank you for everything"
Lots of love,



"...VISION IS MUCH BETTER. No need even for pinholes! No straining, nor eye tiredness at all."

Very best regards,

M. Candida de Melo, DNMed


"I really enjoyed our session today. It's hard to find people who understand me, where I'm coming from, humanity, and beyond. Thank you for being such an amazing being :)
Lots of love and have a great summer!"



"Thank you so much for the time and the care and the treatment that made me feel I could even breathe better through my nose and I could hear my voice clearer coming out of my chest! Thank you and see you in a couple of months."



"Thank you, I will relish this homework. As always you were absolutely brilliant yesterday I can't think how I will ever manage without you and your acute perception. I felt a huge shift after the treatment yesterday."
All my best,



"Just to say, thank you so much for the lovely treatment yesterday and for your time and care. I feel so much brighter and more myself. Just some residual aches and optical tiredness after days of fog and pain.
See you on 26th."



"My eczema had been getting worse despite all the people I had seen about it. I used to go to a Chinese doctor, who would make me all kinds of medicines that would suppress eczema for a while. Five years ago something triggered it and it got much worse. I spent thousands of pounds on homeopathy, acupuncture, and skin therapists, I went on a diet, which involved eliminating wheat from my diet, and I was put on a huge course of steroids. I went down to nine stone and lost 60 percent of my hair. I couldn't even shower - it was like being burnt. I looked like the Singing Detective. I was working on the Muppets film when I collapsed. I had to have several weeks off work. My consultant said that I had to take a further course of steroids, be on a drip in hospital for two weeks and that I'd be on medication for the rest of my life. But my body had rejected the steroids before and I don't think I could have taken any more. Some friends mentioned Dr Shakambet at the Biomedic centre. During a three-hour discussion, Biomedic doctors said we can cure this but it will be hard. It's not eczema you've got to deal with, it's Gary. The outside is giving alarm bells that there's something wrong inside. During the sessions, I would have homoeopathy, cranial work, acupuncture, and massage. My eczema steadily improved until it disappeared. What they did was to take away the layers of problems that over the years had built up; like peeling an onion, until they got to the core where they could make a difference. You have to go deep down, back ten or 20 years, to the root of the problems that triggered the chemical imbalance. I believe it was that faulty build-up that gave me eczema. Now if I have an itch, I know how to deal with it myself to make it go away. I don't even get colds."

Gary Spratling


An artist was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. Lelia is now in perfect health and back in the full artistic swing. She became a great proponent of the bioregulatory approach during her cancer treatment and even helped to raise funds for the Biomedic Foundation. In her public interview, she states: "I found help from the Biomedic Centre in London whose medical doctors treated me, holistically, and not the disease itself. This crucially helped me beat cancer".

Leila Pissarro


"I highly recommend the gentle and effective Biomedic treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. I came to this brilliant system of medicine in 2006, having had remitting/relapsing Multiple Sclerosis confirmed in 1989. By 2006 I had had years of optic neuritis pain and continual fatigue since 1995, which became seriously worrying. I had nausea and was extremely weak. My mobility had become poor, with a dragging left leg and electrical sensations over my whole body, having to uses crutches, and stabbing pains in my head. The dysfunction of my nervous system was scary. My symptoms changed from the beginning of my treatment at the Biomedic Centre in 2006. Despite these difficult circumstances I was gently supported and educated to effectively 'swim back' through intracellular detoxification and into the regulation of the extracellular behavior of my nerve cells. Biomedic treatment protocol also included perception changes about the disease and life in general, teaching me how to apply these changes in a non-judgmental and loving way. Gradually, my symptoms improved and my mobility has kept increasing ever since. My left leg no longer drags and I have no pain or numbness anywhere in my body, and certainly do not use crutches any more. Here in the Biomedic, I found a medical opportunity to support myself on this health journey with unbelievable results. I am deeply grateful to Biomedic doctors and their accomplished programme and also being by my side, throughout my recovery." 

Helen Cherry


"I first visited Dr Shakmbet in 1991 when I had just retired from work. Prevention was not something I knew a lot about at the time, but by the time Biomedic opened in 1995 I was already becoming aware of the benefits. In early retirement, I started gaining weight and my cholesterol was high. Following an active sporting life resulting in a number of injuries, I suffered from arthritis periodically, in my lower back and particularly in my left knee. More worrying were early signs of Parkinson's disease which seemed to creep up at the time. Fifteen years on, and regular preventative treatment at Biomedic with its ingenious programme, the symptoms have amazingly gone. The skillful Biomedic doctors have looked after me in all aspects of my health and when I started detoxifying and supplementing my diet with alkalinising juices this was a novel thing in my life. I could not have imagined that prevention was going to be so profound. Dr Damir Shakambet has always paid attention to my posture and balance and this has prevented further cartilage deterioration. Furthermore, I was introduced to healthy eating which took care of my cholesterol.
Deep into my retirement, while my friends are seeing specialists and spending increasing time in hospitals, I seem to be in perfect health. This is showing in the results of my Bupa annual check-up which recorded a far better score then is normal for a person of 78. Biomedic continues to regularly check up on my health and advise me on the vitamins and minerals I need to take from time to time. This all in conjunction with my GP, so today I get the best of medicine - and, I never developed Parkinson's!" 

Malcolm Brackenbury


"When I first visited Biomedic Clinic in 2007, I wouldn't even dream of getting such a thorough diagnose and successful treatment. Because, when you visit multiple GPs and other specialised doctors without any success, you have no high expectations anymore. This wasn't the case with Dr Damir Shakambet. He listened and then applied his own magic in getting my issues solved, whilst I was trying to absorb all of his wisdom. He was a spot-on, 100% accurate! A decade later, coming to see Dr Shakambet is like Christmas as I always look forward to learning something new about bioregulatory medicine and more importantly, have awareness and understand myself on a deeper level, both psychologically and physically."



"Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant session and for being spot on with what you are suggesting I do. I appreciate your expert knowledge and understanding concerning what was happening to my body. I can only say how fortunate it was to have you available for the correct diagnosis.

I am just about to finish drinking the bicarbonate of soda and to get into my Epsom salts bath. I will keep you up to date and informed of progress."

Ruth Morris

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