Preventative Treatment

generating health

Preventative Bioregulatory Medicine strengthens health and prevents the advancement of disease. It treats constitutional and acquired weaknesses by addressing multiple self-regulating psychological and physiological mechanisms. This includes professional monitoring and early detection of risk factors, health disruptors and potential health problems, as well as providing carefully personalised health boosting therapeutic strategies. People mostly choose to undergo preventative treatment when they are under stress and in need of a radical change in lifestyle, when they are unhappy with the general condition of their health, when they are convalescent or have completed their regenerative treatment to prevent relapse.
Others, who are interested in personal development and health building are using preventative bioregulation to invest in their already healthy condition, towards achieving their maximum potentials.


therapeutic indications

Health Building and Personal Development for strengthening psycho-physical health
Transitional Stages in Life such as convalescence, puberty, pregnancy or menopause
Stress Related Conditions e.g. anxiety, depression, muscular aches and insomnia
Presomatic Syndrome referring to early functional disturbances
Painful Conditions including headaches, backaches, joint aches and period pains
Chronic and relapsing Conditions typically Fibromyalgia, IBS, and ME (chronic fatigue)
Prevention and Early Diagnosis of inflammatory, degenerative and malignant conditions


bioregulatory systems prevention

Dr. Damir A Shakambet, MD has developed an algorithm protocol (pattern of factors involved in disease), based on a bioregulatory approach, which ascertains homeostasis factors that imbalance certain biological systems. On the basis of a particular pattern of factors involved, the Preventive protocols are created for each patient individually focusing on regulating the homeostasis of affected physiological systems. This approach is looking into the phases of disease development; inflammatory, degenerative, and malignant pathogenesis phases... read more


Psychosomatic Bodywork is just one of these preventative methodologies which is a holistic manual methodology to detect and release structural resistances, including skeletal misalignments, muscular spasms, fascial restrictions, neural entrapment, poor joint mobility, spasms of visceral organs, stagnation of lymph or cerebrospinal fluid and venous stasis. Since those corporal restrictions represent somatic equivalents of unprocessed experiences, an additional therapeutic indication for Psychosomatic Bodywork is in prompting psychotherapeutic resolutions by activating one's individual therapeutic process.

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