Bioregulatory Principles

Bioregulatory Medicine is a new medical paradigm, which delivers a therapeutically effective and scientific System of Preventive and Regenerative Medicine. Bioregulatory Health System is an integrated homeostatic medical approach for strengthening health, which upholds Hippocrates' spirit and aligns it with systems theory.


homeostatic approach

The primary objective of Bioregulatory Medicine is to support and regulate homeostasis, or self-regulatory mechanisms of various systems, as they have an inherent capacity to restore individual health

integrated approach

Being an interdisciplinary meta-system of homeostatic medicine it utilises various scientific models into one. It integrates work on patients' psychological, physiological, structural, postural, biochemical, and bioenergetic conditions.

multifactorial approach

Instead of a conventional linear approach, Bioregulatory Medicine favours multifactorial causes. Essential to the assessment is an identification of the pattern of health disruptors specific for each patient.

systems approach

Bioregulatory Medicine builds on evidence-based medicine within the concept of Systems Biology. Rather than choosing the 'one disease-one aetiology' approach, Bioregulatory Medicine defines disease as an imbalance of systems network.

protocol approach

Bioregulatory treatment is a therapeutic process of restoring homeostasis which aims to rehydrate, re-mineralise, detoxify, re-energise, and restore the patient's specific postural misalignments. It also provides psychotherapeutic support necessary for resolutions of inner conflict or for personal development.

personalised approach

A patient's specific predisposition is defined as a probability algorithm of all external and internal health disruptors, such as the disturbing genome, lifestyle, or environmental and cultural specificities. Bioregulatory treatments are based on an evaluation of each bio-individuality and treatment is then devised in a personalised way.

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