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Dr. Shakambet graduated as a medical doctor in 1984 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia and to this day he is practicing at the Biomedic Centre in London that he co-founded in 1994. He pioneered Bioregulatory Medicine as an integrated form of a unique integrative model of Bioregulatory Medicine based on systems biology.

His extensive clinical experience in the bioregulatory medical paradigm has also led him towards formulating authentic anti-aging and preventive bioregulatory medical principles in order to improve treatments of chronic diseases. New medical thinking of bioregulation is geared towards early prevention by systems-orientated treatment.

He is a chairman and CEO of the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine which runs specialisation programme in Bioregulatory medicine worldwide; a founding member of the Biomedic Foundation, a registered medical association for medical research and education in Bioregulatory Medicine. Dr Shakambet is the director of the Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine and is developing academic programmes in Bioregulatory Medicine as a modular specialist programme.

He is an editor of the British Homeopathic Formulary, which systematises bioregulating medicines, as a physicians' reference book. Dr Shakambet presides over Specialist Board of the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, university lecturer in London, and he is an international speaker at medical conferences, member of academic boards (Honorary member at Colegio Medico in La Paz, Bolivia; Honorary Fellow of Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine in the UK, Honorary Fellow of the ISBM, etc...).


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Born into a traditional medical family, graduated as a medical doctor in 1984 and after working in hospitals and as a GP, he embarked on naturopathic education, incorporating into his practice of medicine: Acupuncture, Herbology, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Bioresonance, Hypnotherapy, Chiropractic with synthetic bodywork techniques, Psychotherapy, Cranio-sacral therapy, and Bioenergetics, towards prevention and psychosomatic medicine, ultimately developing a multi-disciplinary integrative model of Bioregulatory Medicine.

He is an integrative medical doctor for over thirty-five years and he has been treating his patients at the Biomedic Centre in Marylebone, London since 1994. His main objective is to treat diseases by facilitating self-regulatory mechanisms and restoring negative psychological, structural, hormonal, biochemical, and environmental influences on human health.

His medical approach is based on creating an individualised bioregulatory protocol for each patient, thus including biological systems involved such as hormonal, immune system, and applying detoxifying protocols. His particular interests are bioregulatory protocols towards osteo-muscular conditions, hormonal treatments (thyroid, adrenal and gonadal imbalances), and inflammatory and immune diseases.

Dr Shakambet is a co-founder and CEO of Bioregulatory Medicine, chairman of the International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, director of Academy for Bioregulatory Medicine, an editor of British Homeotherapeutic Formulary, university lecturer, and international speaker.

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