Bioregulatory medicine

Bioregulation (homeostasis) = stable balance between interdependent elements of physiological processes

Bioregulation or homeostasis is the innate system of regulating human body functioning. It has been ‘designed’ over eons through the evolutionary process, in order to adjust to changes in the environment that ensure the survival of species.

We hold tremendous potential for healing within this systems control and ultimately any treatment applied would depend on such capacity. Modern medicine has relied increasingly on overriding this system with treatment and that created an army of palliation and increasing the incidence of chronic diseases.

Bioregulatory Medicine is a new medical paradigm, which delivers a therapeutically effective and scientific System of Preventive and Regenerative Medicine. Bioregulatory Health System is an integrated homeostatic medical approach for strengthening health, which upholds Hippocrates's spirit and aligns it with systems theory.

Systems the approach means that all homeostatic systems are within the wider network and work together in unison with each other. Bioregulatory medicine analysis each system and its interaction. The treatment supports the affected system but also its network feedbacks. Once this innate healing system is activated it overrides diseases. Instead of a palliative approach or overriding it with pharmacological or invasive treatments, we mobilise healing of the body using all levels of such homeostatic self-regulation.

Self regulation of homeostasis is supported in an integrated way by applying therapies in a unified protocol, and personalised medicine defined by each patient characteristics of affected physiological systems.

Biomedic doctors use therapies that fall within the bioregulatory systems’ concept of health by creating a unique protocol for each patient.


Research and education:

International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine with Biomedic as its head office is at the helm of a fast-growing network that organises education of Bioregulatory Medicine in the UK and abroad. The society and its specialist board organises specialisation in Bioregulatory medicine via national society worldwide. The programme consists of a one-year postgraduate course with a specialist exam and membership in society register, as well as short courses in various bioregulatory subspecialties.

Research and Publishing in Bioregulatory Medicine is run by the registered medical charity Biomedic Foundation. Education and Publishing in Bioregulatory Medicine is run by the society which publishes the British Homeotherapeutic Formulary along with textbook and compendia in the field of Bioregulatory systems medicine.


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